Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about E-Payment. You will find answers to questions about acceptable payment methods and making payments, among other topics.
E-Payment Questions
E-Payment Answers:
1. Do I need to register to start using E-Payment to pay my invoice?
No, you will not need to register. Make sure you have your Iowa Title Guaranty Transaction Statement, Transaction Quote or Invoice in front of you when you make a payment to make sure you enter the correct information. You will also be asked to provide payment information. E-Payment will ask you to confirm the information entered, and the payment will be applied to your account.
2. What specific types of payment methods can I use to pay my invoice?
E-Payment accepts electronic withdrawal from a savings or a checking account (e-Check), as well as most major credit cards, i.e. MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit cards.
3. What is my email address used for and do I need to provide it?
You must provide your email address, A copy of your payment receipt will be sent to you electronically at the email address provided.
4. What is the e-Check payment type?
E-Check is a direct draft from your bank account (either savings or checking), similar to a paper check. The withdrawal of funds from the e-Check payment type is done electronically, rather than from a conventional paper check.
5. What information do I need to make an e-Check payment?
First, you will need to select e-Check as the payment type.
The required fields will show on the E-Payment Screen. You will need to provide your bank routing number, account number and the name of your bank.
6. I received multiple Transaction Statements / Transaction Quotes from Iowa Title Guaranty; can I make multiple payments on different transactions in one payment transaction?
Yes. To pay more than one transaction, click on the green plus sign to generate another payment line.
7. How can I cancel my payment?
You will need to call Iowa Title Guaranty to cancel your online payment. The Iowa Title Guaranty Help Desk phone number is 515-725-4357.
8. Can I request a refund of an E-Payment?
Refunds may be requested for the following reasons: overpayments, duplicate payments and additional payments made resulting in an overpayment on your account. A refund can be requested by calling Iowa Title Guaranty’s Help Desk phone number 515-725-4357.
9. Can I get another copy of my payment receipt?
Yes, you can obtain a copy of your payment receipt by requesting it from Iowa Title Guaranty. Call the Iowa Title Guaranty Help Desk at 515-725-4357 to request a copy.
10. Why did my payment fail due to “issuer not available”?
This type of an error indicates that when we sent the payment information for authorization and processing, a response was not received. It may be due to issuer not being available to process transactions at this time. Our recommendation is to allow some time for our merchant processor to resolve this issue. Please try again in 30 minutes.